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37 years

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 13 February 2010

I have seen so much of pain in the name of life
the rain of suffering that is borne into the night.
it is only with time that I have come to know
the mendacity of death; its final show.
the wind that blows now warm will turn cold-
we, all with chance, will grow old-
but only some souls will unfold
into the flowers of precious memory
that beloved will hold in incidental  revery 
and for a few there is the touch
of the sweetest hand, that means so much
the tears in the eyes of the dearest
that soften the final break  in this recognition merest
here in the last moment unfolds
the understanding, at last,  of life's hold-
that we are in those we love,
and,they, in us, find truest love.