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By jamesaguiar - Posted on 17 February 2010

You ever notice
the sun rises makes day
A shining poultice 
Sucking away
the remains of night
Drawing out the light?
the silence of morning
With scant warning
Gives birth to sounds
Which repeats, compounds
And finally confounds
The blissful darkness
and all its starkness?
It isn't until noon
that the silliness of June
Makes itself entirely known
In nuanced ways is shown
the fullness of life
peeling away like a knife
The world's beauty
with all its booty
That lies there for the taking
As one's senses awakening
Captures the essence
Of eternal presence.
I give this a name:
So I might claim Eternity
In perpetuity,
using "deity" as a confection
Which presumes direction
In existence without purpose
In a soulless universe.
But the ever has its own sense
Eluding my attempts
To put god in a box
like a collection of rocks.
When I return to me,
and all that I see
At midday's cacophony
transcendent harmony
that pulses
As daylight abates
Yielding to fate
Once again, in dark ink.
And, So,
I stand at the brink
Of forevers ever
and never of never.

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