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the Unveiling

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 21 February 2010

A Jewish tradition:
We unveiled gramma's headstone today. A year after someone dies, a visit is paid to the cemetery to view the head stone and say memorial prayers:
A bluejay
having his way
peered into the  review mirror as our car sat:
we were walking back
from our sad tribute
he, in a blue feathered suit
looked superior in this place of the dead
bobbing his head
self-admiring ,  he  seemed odd
funny even to those under the sod
a bit of joy out of place
changing the pace 
of our grief
underscoring the belief
that life has its own beat
a timelessness from which we cannot retreat.
Even a bird 
this absurd 
has his own concerns-
a tidbit today, i  relearned.
A moment in life is just that;
I took his picture as he sat.