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music, again

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 16 March 2013

where will we go when the music isn't
what will happen when the majesty of the sound stops?
I mean:
music made by men on pieces of wood,
thumping membranes
tubes of brass and wood
slides and strings
but all by men
the strange melding of all those musical souls
who dare
to presume to give us
this strange, essential magic
that jumps from the soul
transcends language and race
the symphony orchestra which dies before us:
it's splendor gone
it's soloists?
a vacuum left by a dead, once magnficent species
who will witness the magic of all on stage before us?
we will study the tapes and recordings
like tapestries, paintings statues, sculpture:
alive, yet dead with us.
but never again the live, vibrating string,
the resonant brass
the orchestra, gone; the symphony transformed to museum piece

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