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By jamesaguiar - Posted on 16 December 2013

What is a friend-
Someone with time to spend?
a pal?
a guy or gal?
that you talk and walk with?
share your cheese whiz?
bounce the springs?
then do other things?
ok, that'll do
if that's for you.
a friend for me
gives the heart for free
there is no sex
in that context
even if sex were there
it wouldn't be fair
to define it thus
It rises above such
trivial thoughts,
with the vanity
flying with solo banality.
a friend, for me, shares my soul-
the only goal
to share my identity
free of quality, quantity
the one that shares my thoughts
and cannot be bought
who would die for me
and then the other way, you see.
such a one defines my life-
neither husband nor wife
but mate of the heart
not to be torn apart
how many have I had?
a handful at best,
but they're worth all the rest.
and when I pass
I hope such friends last
even to eternity
that's my certainty.
male or female
the core of us tells the tale.

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