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The Critic

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 23 December 2013

the crucified nearly dead
should pass beyond, but instead
he lingers pulling at his wrists
upward, to fill his lungs
a few last times while he among
us waits
his full-known fate
those below draw near
waiting to hear the gasp
so they can escape at last
this dreadful scene
they cannot endure
torture so pure
so they break his knees
his soul to free
unable to rise
he turns blue and dies.

criticism is the same
call it by a different name
the critic spews invective
insults, slurs, of doubtful perspective.
how much pain can I elicit
how much more may I explicit
torture, rend this last rendition
and send the criticized to perdition.

and then at last the coup de grace
putting the humbled in his place:
the grave of his ambition
to rise again on the condition
that the dying return for more
from this mindless whore
of dubious talent
and cruelest bent

The broken knees?: a simple smile
with guileless guile
all the while
enjoying the fruits of his mindless flaying
even as the soul he is slaying
quietly listens
fractured, smitten

From where comes this arrogance
clearly transparent
the self-inflation?
driven by the circumstance
of the relative happenstance
the sense of the superior...
give him, at last, a simple mirror
of his worth
from which comes, this, the false,

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