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Out of Joint

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 03 January 2014

At times there is an asynchrony
between what is and what might be.
for us is to constantly strive
to make the best of being alive.
like the 600 hundred
failed, but kindred...
Is it ok to be perplexed
even vexed
by the futility
of failed opportunity?
loaded with blame
there is still no shame
in knowing what may never be
should we just wait and see
or take the short-cut to ecstasy?
this is what the Cheshire kitty,
obviously more witty.
said in brief
to my relief
at least there is still that chance
a choice, not happenstance,
that sets one free.
"Let it be."
but forgive
a mind a sieve
on a day bereft
thinking on what's left
What is best?
We'll wait to see what tomorrow brings
As we've been told, "the play's the thing."

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