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the changed mind

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 10 June 2014

a subtle change in tone
from declarative to subjunctive
a mind melts from stone
to gel, thought, inquisitive
substantive but messy,
the mood not dressy
like casual pajamas
absent trauma.
then the phrase:

"I see what you mean."

it's just a phase
but a start
from a point in the heart
or neocortical seizure
taken at leisure
but the grip is released
gone the freeze
of ideas in rock
one can quietly mock
what was once held as certain
behind the iron curtain
of prejudiced mentality:
to a new reality:

"I see what you mean!

where have I been?"

I become obscure
but it's merely a lure
to subtle transformation
to acquire information
and become new

"now what should I do
with all that I knew."

It's all gone
it was wrong
"come over
red rover"

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