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By jamesaguiar - Posted on 18 July 2014

Her (Joaquin)

is it me
was it her mind or mine
I couldn't find
she galloped ahead
light years she sped
away from my brain
leaving me unsure, inane
not quite insane
I watched her evolve
while I slowly revolved
around my true center
from which now I venture
because it was illusion
born of confusion
outward I go
I don't really know
where I will land
my clay feet sand
no false meekness now
I must kowtow
to infinity all about
no existence to doubt
I am that I am
(or just a scam)
venturing away
in the eternal play
on without end
with which I contend
until I find being
in a cosmos unseeing

(I may have lost it, perhaps I found it)

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