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Pop, New, Askew

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 10 October 2014

I think of the strange
what is at the heart
of art
of what might be prevented
from a soul vented
from a darkness in its depth.
should the eerie be displayed?
just because it has been said,
but more
I abhor
what lies at the center of our essence
that allows a presence
defying the rational
making madness banal
I become afraid after this is made
when the bizarre is laid
at the doorstep of the common
making such a phenomenon
digestible by us all

pushed back
for words that I lack
I am appalled.
because it appears
what should be eccentric
becomes for me a fear
that such oddity is metric
of what now is at the mean
what before: extreme.

I watch in awe
what I saw
now, here
some of what I fear
before merely possible
now probable
I quake
by what others make

worse: am I tangled?
my perception mangled?
hopelessly morally, strangled?

I pray, less I not
that The All hasn't forgot-
to be born again
not the usual refrain
to escape the insane.

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