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By jamesaguiar - Posted on 14 October 2014

a plunge headlong into error
luck present without terror
just the joy of taking a chance
in the dog-pony dance
that is the romance
of making something new
to add to the stew
into which transient's hobo
feeling his mojo
spilled his beans
to be part of the scene
he spiced the brew
one of the eccentric few
who didn't wait
for the path to be straight.
he took the bait
his selfless ego
took him down the lane
to be part of the show
meant for the barely sane.
it's perverse, a game
it waxes, wanes
we sit and stare
in silent wonder, there
where some succeed
others just fill the need
what will we know?
we just wanted to grow
into beings transformed
unfixed by norms
creating new forms

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