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By jamesaguiar - Posted on 03 February 2015

clouds rimmed with rain
across a metallic
blue sky
shockingly green leaved trees
mock adjacent bare limbs
as shadows of slanted winter light
become odd, distorted
knifing through clothes
freezing wind renders me naked instantly
as the smell of, delicious, icy, tangy wind
bites tongue and nose
I walk briskly through the embracing chill.
relishing the remarkable antithetical pleasure-pain:
a late winter day
winter's mood defies category
in a jolt I see juxtaposed
life in parallel to death
existence in dynamic tension with what might be

will this scene burst in a cacophony of light
from dim to dark
or will this energy, just, relentlessly
fade from dim to black?
will I notice, either way,
life escaping?

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