You are hereFatal Dream (once of another, now mine)

Fatal Dream (once of another, now mine)

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 10 April 2015

Skimming over the steaming surface
of a summer Spanish street,
I feel the implosion
or at least the notion
of buildings of brown and grey
falling apart as I make my way.
in oppressive heat
which hammers and beats
In a fragile instant
the ground gives
to topology inconstant
becoming cobbled sieve.
I glide no more
sensing a shore
as sounds of gulls fill the air
and oceanic pulsing is everywhere.
cobblestone slips into an Egyptian sand
which as I walk I sift through my hands.
In the distance Camels loll under an arch
a gateway to the sea
which continues my march.
Yet can it be?
Camels no more but Ostrich-like beings
with necks thickly human
seeming omnipresent in seeing-
an unsuspected omen
upends the moment
I feel a dread
as one craning, turns his head
musty and hoary fixing me in his eye
I, consumed by impending doom
attempting to run from a sandy room
prepare to die.
In an instant grass, rich and green
impede my flight
behind the creature
with horrid dark features
bearded and cruel
he grasps my leg
as I moan and beg
I, weakened bleeding,
against a red building
he wraps me in fencing
It pierces my skin.
I cannot win
My breath becomes pained
As gently it rains.
My captor runs away
to invite other to this display.
I will not expire
though fatigued and tired.
I breath once more than suddenly waken
my body sweaty and shaken.
Again this dream. What can it mean?
When its essence I know
It will come no more.

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