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the rhyme, assumed

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 13 April 2015

I'm in love
I'm in love
with Prufrock
the idle rock
I know his story, well
would not presume to tell,
but I will repeat
no simple feat
for I must remember
and not dissemble
the simple tender
of an elegant mind in fable,
who leaves his truth have eaten
on the table
the residue beaten
by all in the room.
each in his own way
makes the display of knowing uniquely
however obliquely
the substance of a story
that having been read once, twice or three times
becomes one's own, aging and hoary
recounted to the sublime
a tale out of time.
we all grow old
in tedious idiocy
our story unsung
even in our youth
having not the tools
to dissect its meaning
we resort to dreaming
of what might be
hoping we will at last see
what all was meant
what was the final intent
not of the rhyme.
we don't have the time.
It has been answered already
fiercely steady
having merely been said
with a touch of dread
but perhaps
more of dissection
of the unanswered question
which shall remain as such
its burden become too much

but I will tell the tale
also simple and frail
perhaps the sea will sing to me
if hearing I let it be

shall I presume

no, I merely assume
a posture, vision
indecision's decision

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