You are hereefforts in sanity

efforts in sanity

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 20 June 2015

what I do
I do for me
don't mean to confuse
or bemuse
but I wear my own shoes
though they are cramped
they bear my stamp
I know their tread
I know my bed
this I use instead
of softer states
which deflate
the quality of my dreams
they are mine it seems
so I don't need to explain
what sustains
even in the worst of anxiety
which befits my sense of piety
drifting above myself
I take me, from the shelf
the eroded book
that others give no second look.
it's me and mine
less than divine
but requires no exposition
and less definition
why should I care
what others bring to bear
on the state of the conscious
that may be less than nonsense
to someone else
but remains my witness pulled from the shelf?

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