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By jamesaguiar - Posted on 10 July 2015

people are petty
it isn't pretty
yes, beautiful
and dutiful
to all that lies without
leaving little doubt
of no concern within
is it just because of reflection
that is thought to be introspection?
so carefully apparent
that it evolves to flagrant
lack of care
to go beyond the dare
to become aware
of the turmoil within
the reservoir of simple sin
that disallows the simple view
to allow one to see anew
who they might truly become
(maybe just some)
but a true vision
seen at the show at intermission
when the external must be ignored
and the look inward toward
a self
that is no one else
no replication
of another's creation
but oneself
and none else
which can only be cataloged
but through self-monologue
the journey to the interior
from superficial to superior.

then a second, a glimpse
in the glass darkly
a whim
Dorian Gray
allows one the day
to know what has been wrought
with so little thought
personhood lost
at a fearful cost.
left to the murmuring
of a soul lost but stirring
for a chance yet to see
what might truly be
but for a narcissism
and its faulty prism
that bends the light
stealing one's sight.

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