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By jamesaguiar - Posted on 13 July 2015

people may think because I am often kind
that I do not mind
the disrespect
which seems to deflect
off the personal demeanor
of one who might be meaner

they think I forget
or worse that because I pretend not to recall
that I have dropped the mental ball
and not digest
the wicked bitch's brew
of what they have done, all
yet inside I stew
wondering where comes the disregard
is it merely in the cards
of one (who through happenstance)
has had the chance
the fortune to achieve a stance
of success?
never mind the duress
of the life I've led
the lives that have been cost
as I lie in bed
thinking of all that I have lost
what I could have mended
better tended
than I who have tried.
yes, those who have died

should I speak?
No, then I will reek
of the poison they exude
crude, crass rude.
I will dwell in their houses filled with the detritus
of their own doing
knowing that the dead fetus
they have buried and birthed
will one day be unearthed
in heaven or in hell

I will stand the smell

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