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By jamesaguiar - Posted on 13 August 2015

Is there a soul?
does there exist at one's center, a hole
where that which is added makes one whole?
for a gnostic
is that this may be the place
where divinity rests
apart from all others who have no such trace
of what might be grace.
perhaps hearing voices is not madness
it is the transient gladness-
a chance to be aware
that there may be another "there"
from which is borrowed in seconds split
a moment's bliss
a glimpse of the divine
which I hope exists in all of us
I hope, I trust.
not yours or mine
but the plural of thine
which flurries over our heads
fills our dreams and beds
to which death may testify
that the mind's eye
is, in fact, real
(the mind may reel)
that souls do fly
to other planes, less than substance
a spiritual altar at which no one kneels
existing in unity forever constant.
being, eternity, and moment

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