You are heresundown


By jamesaguiar - Posted on 25 September 2015

would black be so bad
when pith and marrow is sad
all that was glad
to have and hold
unravels, unfolds
beyond any need
to recite and bleed
the pain that rests
replacing all that was best
the last of the glow
is just left unknown
what once was
gone, flows.
might what will be
yield better than what one can see,
or a future simple, blank?
no one to thank
for what one threaded alone
a shroud, bleak to the bone
cold, a stone
a reality
confounding the banality
of remorse
which only makes worse
the probable, inevitable-
take it
drink it
when it's yours
the cup, cursed
behind all the doors that were closed
when passing through
somehow you knew
you knew
that what was done you would do
no one to blame
not even me
that's the shame
it had to have been the way it would be.

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