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moving on

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 07 October 2015

moving on
nice to be gone
the rear view mirror
holds no terror
when compared to might have been
no sin
in drinking the cocktail gin
of the unexpected
from the death of the soul
my only goal
new times
seeing silent mimes
playing out in front of me
the "I" that I should be
too late?
leave that to fate
just one more taste
before they close the gate
walking with a hobbled gait
to an unknown fate-
with relish
by the pretense
of what should make sense
I'll move along
sing a new song
to the lord of my own secret chance
sliding along with a new-minted dance
making all the moves
with nothing to prove

is this mad?
no, just glad
to have seen before the final frame-
there's time for a new game
yet to have a name
may be said like mine?
let's see, in it's own time.

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