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By jamesaguiar - Posted on 29 January 2016

time drifts
I think of what I've missed
as I sift
through thoughts of might have been
there, but for the essential sin
of to never have tried
to reflect on all with simply a sigh
those parts of life that have been a lie
yet I have loved
and kept my dreams above
the simple reflections
of mere introspection.
No, I have rested apart
living life as art
from the start


I can offer no regret
I'm not done, just yet,
but the inevitable
runs into the possible
and the need to be
all that can be of me
still grabs, and stirs my being's center
and until the end I will venture
always to know
what is ever behind what is shown

so, striking out simply
sometimes weakly or nimbly
to realize
the final prize

I have lived
and so nothing is missed
for I have been
forget what I said of sin

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