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By jamesaguiar - Posted on 03 May 2016

simple threats


i guess


can be paid

when less afraid

but simple truth

does not elude


rests in the act

of doing what one must

there is noone to trust

when in unrendered simplicity

scales balance without complicity

nothing so dire

as death or desire

but a personal center

for which there is no mentor

do it, and run

it cannot be undone

there is nothing as savage

as a soul ravaged

by betrayal

so banal

in occurs unexpected

the core unprotected

yet, a moment of delight

when light becomes sight

and doing what is right

is the crux of the fight

winning or losing

is not of one's choosing

clearly seeing

is the reason for being

and all that follows

would be trite and hollow

except for the sense

simple and pure

that the reason is sure

do it and run

it cannot be undone

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