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By jamesaguiar - Posted on 21 January 2010

Let's see:
What could it be?
I mean...
What does he mean?
Why use this word instead of that?
Seems a bit flat--
Drawing an inference so grand,
The idea becomes bland
Does he want to teach
Concepts out of his reach?
He presumes to exhume
Literal corpses mundane
In constructs so vain
They become profane.
In this little Knook....
In this little cranny...

He drives home a point
So out of joint
That it epitomizes
The thing that it critisizes!
He hammers away
With childish word-play
Things he might not otherwise say!
How adroit that he exploits
Trivial terms as this worm turns.
It's a work of genius
in terms so heinous
It raises
Not abases
Simple notions rich in emotion.
What resilience,
that I, in my brilliance,
have penetrated its core
That nothing more be said
about what I have here read
In penetrating his head
I have found the thread
Of the illusive thread
Of the illusive reality
He connotes with banality!
What a wonder,
By thunder
That in his musings,
I find truth moving!

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