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Night Walk In the Woods

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 22 January 2010

the sharp crunch of pine needles underfoot
is punctuated by the air's sweet dampness,
chilled and musty.
twilight falls on the forest footpath
intensifying claustrophobic narrowness.
foreboding lies in every turn.
overhead, branches twitch, rustle;
dull chirps fill the dank evening.
Why did i venture out so late in the day?
will i find my way back
now that darkness is falling?
I turn to see the sky's
deepening purple tint above the canopy
as i retrace my steps.
the ominously increasing darkness
is relentless as i make my way back
down the path.
i search for a light, a glimmer, a spark,
any trace of life as i make my way
to who knows where.

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