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The Old Man

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 22 January 2010

he shuffles down the sidewalk hands firmly behind his back,
feet wide apart for balance as he hesitates along.
he often stops and gazes at the smallest this and that,
the kind of things most overlook strikes his blunted fancy.
he never hurries on his way for there is no place to go,
it's just the movement that he craves to remind him of his life.
he moves slowly down the street, greeting everyone he meets
and if one gives him half a chance he'll lecture him a bit
about something one ought to know from one with many years.
than continuing on down the road lost to what he has said,
he falls into the next moment, the center of his life.
and so he moves along his way devoid of fear and longing,
his life though spent, still he lives each second to its end.

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