You are hereTo Her Cunning-Linguistic Master: A Critique

To Her Cunning-Linguistic Master: A Critique

By jamesaguiar - Posted on 23 January 2010

she doesn't mean to criticize
being constructive and concerned.
She coaches him through this and that-
he focuses on her needs.
she hopes that he will take it all
in the most positive sense.
nodding, smiling he returns to the work at hand:
(it is she that he must please.)
"a great first effort!" she says of his mini-opus.
"i know that you'll improve, given your ardor and intent!"
he smiles a quiet diffident smile,
grateful for what he's heard.
he promises himself to work, 
until he gets it right.
she smiles at him, affectionately,
as he doubles down to task.
'i love you.' she sweetly says,
as she slowly closes her eyes.

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